Sofia Ruiz  (Writer, Producer, Cast)
is an actor, writer and producer. After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre & Dance from The University of Texas at Austin, she lived and worked in Los Angeles and then moved to Mexico City, where she works as a film and stage actor. This is her first project with Flowerhouse Films, her production company, with which she intends to continue producing female-centric films.


Pepe Valdivieso (Cast, Singer)
is a Mexican actor born in Veracruz, Veracruz. At a very early age he started to perform but it wasn’t until he was a teenager that he decided to take acting as a career. After graduating from El Tec de Monterrey he decided to move to New York and eventually to Hollywood, where he studied acting professionally. Valdivieso returns to Mexico city in 2014, since then, he has been the image of many important brands and has worked in very important TV shows such as Paramédicos, where he had the role of a young paramedic. He has performed in many independent films and short films and he aims to become a recognised actor in the Mexican movie business. Pepe Valdivieso is always seeking for improvement through acting classes, coaching and on camera experience.

Ana Rosa Dávila  (Cast, Art Department)
graduated with an acting degree from the National School of Theatre Arts (ENAT). In 2014, she attended the XIV Iberoamerican Theatre Festival of Bogotá. She has participated as an actor in several short films including the short film Muñecas, directed by Jorge Michel Grau, presented at the México Bárbaro festival. She has participated in multiple plays as an actor and worked on various others as assistant director. Ana has been part of the production department of the Grupo Odin Dupeyron for four years.

ana_rosa01 - copia


Renata Calderón Galindo  (Cast)
was born on December 25, 2001 in Mexico City. At four years old, she started taking acting lessons at Kid’s Place in the Condesa neighborhood and stayed for two years, presenting original plays. She continued her lessons in elementary school, studying every acting genre. Renata participated in a television commercial for Jarritos. She is fluent in English, has knowledge of French and is currently learning German. At 13, she went back to professional acting lessons, this time at CasAzul under the tutelage of Ricardo Campos White. There, she filmed her first short film, Inocente Confusión with the actor, writer and producer Sofía Ruiz. Today, she continues her acting studies with Viridiana Olvera at CasAzul.

Carlos Alfaro (Cast)
studied acting at the Andrés Soler Film, Theatre and Television Institute, and received an IMBA from the International Method Actor’s Studio. He has worked as a volunteer theatre teacher with the Ministry of Energy (Secretaría de Energía y Minas e Industrias Paraestatales). Over the past twelve years, he has participated in countless telenovelas in a variety of roles. In film, Carlos has collaborated with Valentín Trujillo, Rodolfo de Anda, the Almadas, among others. In comedy, he has worked with Flaco Guzmán, Flaco Ibañes, Charlie Valentino, and Choforo Padilla, just to name a few. He has appeared in numerous ad campaigns for both Mexico and the United States.




Cynthia Torash (Cast)
with studies at the INBA and Televisa’s CEA, Cynthia’s career covers work that goes from photo stories to television, from film to theatre, and from live shows to song. Twenty four years of a professional career throughout which, along with her professional work, she has undertaken diverse voice, singing, interpretation and actoral improvement lessons with teachers of the standing of Sergio Jiménez, Héctor Mendoza and Amparo Rubín, just to name a few. Among her most notable roles are those in The House of Bernarda Alba, Electra, and Lysistrata by Producciones Moreno; Sin Salida directed by Alberto Estrella; Lo que Callamos las Mujeres, Se Busca un Hombre, and La Hija del Jardinero by TV Azteca.

Joselyn Paulette Medina (Cast)
graduated from the College of Theatre Arts of the UANL. She took a voice course at Ceuvoz, and was a grant recipient of the FONCA program for Artistic Residencies and CONARTE’s Stimulus for Quality Artistic Creation, with which she attended a Film Acting Residency at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She has participated in Camino a la Inmortalidad; Libertad, Libertad; Moliére; El Eterno Fugitivo; La Voz Humana and La Verdadera Venganza del Gato Boris. She directed the play Ñaque o de Piojos y Actores. Among her most recent projects are Pieza en Forma de Flamingo No 1; Nuestra Perversión (written and directed by Mario Cantú Toscano), and she participated in the Dramaturgy Week of the state of Nuevo León with a staged reading of the play Aproximación al Interior de una Ballena.


Maria Richardshon

María Richardson  (Cast)
is a bilingual poet and educator. She was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, but has done most of her schooling in English, including a BA in Humanities from Yale and an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. She’s taught ESL in Puerto Vallarta and Monterrey and led Spanish lessons and college writing in New York City. More recently, she made lightbulb models and dissected cow eyeballs as a museum educator at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Despite her experience with dissections (and the white coat she uses in Inocent Confusión), María is not a doctor. She is, however, quite interested in matters of public health and sex ed. María currently lives in Monterrey, where she works as a translator and collaborates on creative projects and education initiatives.

Sara Cortijo  (Director)
studied Theatre at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Sevilla, Spain. She got her BTEC in Dramatic Arts from Westminster College in London and attended a theatre workshop at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California. In Mexico, she graduated from the film university AMCI, specialised in script-writing and directing. She lives in Mexico City where she works as Producer, Manager and Production Coordinator for the production company, Manivela Films. Her third project, 3 Puntos de Cruz, which she wrote, produced and directed was selected for some of the top festivals, including Mórbido Film Festival 2012, Guanajuato International Film Festival, GIFF 2012 and the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Festival 2013. She is currently preparing her next production, Oquedades del Corazón, to be filmed towards the end of 2016.

Sara Cortijo, director


Victor Audiffred  (Director of Photography)
studied film and has worked as Director, Producer and Director of Photography. Throughout his career, his projects have been selected to some of the top festivals both nationally and internationally, adding up to 70 appearances in international festivals. He has directed ten short films, and received the Presidential and Mexican Senate recognition for Trajectory and Achievement for the short films Cristiana Sepultura and Classified. In Mexico, after obtaining first place in the Guanajuato Film Festival, he joined the documentary, Solo Pase la Persona que Se Va a Retratar, as producer. The film received an Ariel award in 2010. Clarissa, Rever and 3 Puntos de Cruz are his latest productions which have been featured in the Cannes Festival en 2011 and 2012. He has two feature films under his belt as DP: Historia Para No Olvidar produced by CONACULTA 2015 and Danza de Luna, an independent film.

Iliana Donatlán  (Production Assistant)
started showing interest and passion for the arts from a very young age, which led her to study Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Durango-Lobos while taking her first acting workshops with teachers such as Director Alba del Campo and Director Ricardo Camacho. In Mexico City, she continued her career and preparation as an actor at CasAzul. Since 2010, she has been part the Laboratory Theatre group headed by Director Susana Fisckin, student of Jerzy Grotowski. Iliana has participated in over twelve television shows, eleven short films and nine plays.



Rodrigo Valedepeña  (Sound Mixer)
was born on August 28, 1983 in Mexico City. He finished his bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), and later got a scholarship from AMCI and the movie theatre chain Cinemex to study Film at AMCI’s Film University. In 2015, he was selected as a grantee by the Young Creators FONCA program in the Visual Narrative speciality. In 2012, he took a course in Marketing at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His profesional career has been focused mainly on the visual narrative in its various forms. One of his most relevant jobs has been as Chief of Design in CNN Mexico from 2009 to 2012. He has given workshops and other classes.

José Luis Sanchez  (Gaffer)
has worked on numerous short films, features and commercials as gaffer, grip and assistant photographer.



Elsa Herazo  (Hair & Makeup)
is an international officer, specialized in international cooperation. This Colombian woman has lived in different cities like New York and Paris, where met Sofia 8 years ago. Now living in Mexico City, where these two friends reunited and support each other in their life projects.

Adalberto Trujeque  (Color Correction)
studied film at the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers (AMCI). He has worked as a Producer, Director and Editor and has taken several workshops with filmmakers like Victor Audiffred, Guillermo Gonzalez Montes, and others. Adal has edited various award winning shorts and documentaries such as Letras Libres, Imágenes Tras las Rejas, 3 Puntos de Cruz, Clarissa and Rever and has produced independent projects for companies like Milagrito Films and Nómada Comunicaciones. In 2012, he created his production company, Punto Media Studio, he was awarded a special recognition from the state of Campeche for having won the First Documentary Video Competition “Ricardo Encalada Argáez” with his work Vidas de Luz. He currently lives in the city of Campeche, where he is preparing his short film on suicide Espérame en el Cielo, as producer, director and scriptwriter, as well as his first feature film.

adal trujeque

javier quesada

Javier Quesada  (Sound Design)
is a sound designer with a solid knowledge and understanding of the current recording, editing and mixing technologies used for the post-production of film and musical production. Passion for the creative use of sound, backed by solid knowledge of the theory of sound. Upon finishing his studies, Javier approached Z-Tracks, Alejandro G. Iñarritu’s post-production company to keep learning and to work with sound designers Martín Hernandez and Sergio Díaz, with whom he continues to collaborate to date.

Gerardo Audiffred  (Illustrator)
is an animator and illustrator.

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