Anytime she’s getting intimate with a guy,
Eva is haunted by the image of her sex-ed teacher from high school.

Inocente Confusión tells the story of Eva, a girl who, because of her über conservative upbringing, cannot have a normal, healthy sex life. She wants to be independent and stay true to her self-imposed liberal mindset, but anytime she’s about to have sex, the vision of her sex-ed teacher from high school haunts her and keeps her from having a little fun. When she does go through with it, she convinces herself she’s pregnant, as holy punishment for her actions.

Although our short film is fun and silly, the underlying theme is the need for proper sex-ed in our schools. By showing what the possible, albeit exaggerated, repercussions of misinformation are, we hope to get a conversation started and maybe, just maybe, start thinking about (and changing?) the way we do things.